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“What Did You Do At Work Today, Hon?” – “Oh, You Know… Just Hung Around…”

VIDEO: YouTube/Office of the Sheriff

We’ve been getting a ton of calls about helicopter overflights and other acts of aerial derring do in the 24/680 of late. We report what we know, of course, including a rough sketch of this rescue on our Facebook page – but we rarely get an onboard view.

On Friday, May 13 the Office of the Sheriff’s STARR 3 helicopter was requested by Contra Costa County Fire Protection District personnel with a hiker in need of assistance in the Shell Ridge Open Space, about a mile from Whitecliff Way in Walnut Creek.

Con Fire Captain-Paramedics were airlifted to the remote location, found and assessed the victim and determined that she needed to be immediately evacuated.

STARR 3’s Tactical Flight Officer was short-hauled to the scene where he secured the victim and a Captain-Paramedic to the chopper’s tether, and all three were short-hauled to a waiting ambulance nearby.

The victim was then transported to a local hospital.

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  1. Too bad we can’t find out if they made it our not. I get privacy and patients rights. But so many of these stories just stop at the nurses station.

  2. Unless he is just totally bored with his job the guy on that line has to be saying Wheeee!!! the whole time he’s doing this….

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