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Fight On Shell Avenue In Martinez Leads To Gunfire – One Wounded, One Arrested

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Around 8:32 am today, in the 700 block of Shell Ave, an argument occurred between several people that knew each other. The argument turned into a fight and two men fell into a large plate glass window, causing it to break and cut the two men. 

The fiancé of one of the men, Dawn Iverson, age 46 and resident of Martinez, ran to the aide of her fiancé. Iverson fired a pistol, striking the other man in the torso.

The injured man and his mother drove from the scene and were contacted by Martinez Police. The injured man was transported to John Muir Hospital where he was treated and is in stable condition. 

Iverson was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and she was booked into the Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez, where she was held on a $50,000 bail. 

She was released, and the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against her. 

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  1. Whenever I read or hear about gun violence, I’m always reminded of a friend of mine I worked with while away at college. “I’ll never own a gun. I might use it.” I understand his logic, and agree with his mindset.

  2. This town is sleepy , and safe actually. Stuff happens everywhere. I like the fact that Martinez has no gang problems.

  3. Agree with Danielle’s friend. We keep a baseball bat in our bedroom and both of us know how to use it. We figure if you can get past that a gun wouldn’t help us anyway.

  4. Like Martinez a lot. Almost bought there several years ago. Jake is right – this stuff happens in every town in America.

  5. Lovely. If she only fired one shot and then stopped, it could conceivably be a justified if the guy she shot was the aggressor.

    But it doesn’t sound like these guys were on their way to church……

  6. Need more information on this one – it may come down to self defense of another as someone said here. She doesn’t look happy that’s for sure.

  7. If the DA is unwilling to charge I’m guessing it’s a justifiable use of force…

    Better to have a gun and not need it than need it and not have it.

  8. So, just so I can follow along from home, the scorecard for the CoCoCo DA is: bloody a nose via unsportsmanlike conduct in the Water Polo Pool = Criminal charges. But, shoot a man with a gun = no charges. Do I have that right?

  9. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV but it sounds to me like they are following the definitions of the law – which don’t always make the most sense. So yeh charge the kid who knee slams another in the pool because intent to harm can be established (the video? right?) or drop charges against the frantic fiance who sees her man getting the worst of a fight (maybe? I donno) and fires on the other guy to “save him.” In this county I can’t imagine a jury would convict someone of doing that.

  10. Never owning a gun because there is a chance you may use it makes sense to people for a lot of reasons, among those reasons may be because you aren’t fit to have a firearm. There are numerous people out there that are denied the right to buy a firearm because of their mental state. Firearms could be potentially lethal weapons which is why it’s always best to ensure those who own them are in the right state of mind. Unlike unlawful criminals, those who arm themselves everyday, be that in the home or on their person, chooses to do so STRICTLY for personal protection and safety. Wherever you go, you will be taught that firing a gun IS a last resort. Lawful gun owners are not here to harm nor kill anyone. That is not their goal. Their goal is to protect themselves and those around them from a potentially lethal threat. Which is why it is our goal at Delta Tactical to arm everyday civilians, like yourselves, with the basic knowledge to learn how and when to protect yourself in a time of need.

    There is simply not enough information to comment on if this was lawful use of a firearm. If it was in self-defense because the person thought their life was in danger, then it would be considered lawful. However, if they fired that weapon for any other reason, the judge will make their decision on the consequences.

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