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Monday Morning Report – Moms, Burglars, High Water And High Hopes


Some very Californian weather in the 24/680 in recent days, with families hoping to treat She Who Rules The Household to brunch under an awning moving the festivities indoors Sunday.

We also learned (actually, we already knew it, but just had the lesson driven home) that Crime Takes No Holiday – with local burglars busy and raiding other folks’ homes and cars, perhaps for something nice to take back to their mom.

A NEWS24/680 Reader-Photographer remarked about how high local water levels appear to be again after a walk on the Upper San Leandro Watershed, and how while other parts of the state are still in “Extreme Drought Conditions” we seem to be doing rather well.

For us, out and about and listening to what the neighborhoods have to say, recurring themes appear to be politics and the bizarre antics accompanying them this election year – and the economy, man, the economy.

Depending on the man or woman in the street we are either are on a downward slope or poised to welcome a new leader equipped to take our country forward into more prosperous times.

Actually, we didn’t hear a lot of that – and the results of our truly unscientific street and bar room poll is about 80/20 We Are In Trouble.

We shall see how things go for us this week, and reserve our predictions for the state of the nation and our economy until we’ve had our first coffee. It’s still early, yet.




  1. I keep waiting for Trump to come down out of the tower some morning and say: “No come on, I’m not running!!! I just wanted to see how far I could take this thing!!! Are you serious?”

  2. Anyone catch John Oliver last night? There’s a surprising amount of douchebaggery loose in the world right now and for some crazy reason people are supporting it.

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