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Thanks, Moms!


Here’s for fixing all the runny noses and for all the kissed toesies, advice given over loves good and bad,

for taking the nuns shopping when we volunteered you – even though they drove you straight barking mad.

For seeing us off to college, and sending cookies in plain, brown wrappers,

for Thanksgiving at home with all the fixings, and not calling our date a flapper.

For the ball games and swim meets and skateboarding in the kitchen,

even though you flinched at every tackle, and your ollie required stitchin’.

Here’s to you, mom, for putting a smile on your face and ours, for telling it like it is, and for showing us the way,

for drying our tears, bandaging our knees, and watching us play…

And here’s to the bravery you showed when life turned against you, and for your words:

“If you ever get down when I’m gone, just find the hummingbirds.”

You taught us beauty could be found in the most unusual places,

and to keep the smile you gave us fixed on our faces.

It’s no wonder they gave you your very own day,

or why most of us think of their mom in much the same way.


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