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Passed On I-680 At 120mph+ – NEWS24/680 Reader’s Dash Cam Captures May 1 Pursuit


NEWS24/680 published an account of a police pursuit through the 24/680 and on into Oakland on Sunday, May 1, and several readers had the presence of mind to phone or email us with accounts of the incident that day.

From what we can tell, we were the only ones to cover the incident, which occurred in the light of day on a “quiet” weekend day in the 24/680.

Reader Everett Bass was kind enough to forward this video of the incident, captured on his dash cam as Everett was obviously enjoying a mellow ride down I-680.

No one was injured in the incident, Everett had his hands firmly on the wheel and at “10 and 2” the entire time, but his camera captured the fleeing Chrysler in question (which apparently pulled away from CHP officers when they attempted to stop it for speeding) as it passed him at warp speed.

Thanks, Everett!

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  1. A neighbor was on 24 when this car sped into the tunnel at — according to her – 200 miles an hour! They must have been late for a doctor’s appointment.

  2. That idiot is REALLY lucky the slow lane didn’t close out on him right in there. It would have been all over, and he probably would have taken out some poor unsuspecting citizen in the process.

  3. He was doing 120mph on the lefthand shoulder of the road going around cars just after he passed me. From Port Chicago Hwy, to the Caldecott in 15 mins,,,sheesh..

  4. Hey Everett, I know a good windshield repair guy in Walnut Creek! Nice video man – glad that dude didn’t climb up your tailpipe!

  5. Must have been another Thug out on parole with a warrant for arrest. They’re all over the damn place these days. Frankly I wish the police could have a bazooka mounted on the front of their car and just someone like this have it! Good thing no innocent people were killed. And by the way, I’ve seen some idiot drivers do this even without police after them. We need to put our foot down on this…. I’m tired but the criminal elementc, under the guise of social justice, is getting away with literally murder.

  6. Seems to me there’s a pretty active criminal element at work in these parts. This person wanted nothing to do with police and was willing to risk the lives of others to make sure it didn’t happen.

  7. That’s a wee bit speedy. Agree with previous post — he’s lucky that lane didn’t close out on him. Or should I say the people in that lane are lucky……

    • Agree completely. When he disappeared over the rise and steered to the slow/merging lanes we said “that’s it…” We were lucky…

  8. Thanks Dan, feel free to share the windshield info, let me know if they’re mobile as well. That happened not too long ago on I-880 on my way to a birthday party in Hayward, rock from a big rig hit the windshield. I was just a chip, when I came back to the car ready to go home it was like that in a matter of 4 hours. It was hot out that day so the heat made the crack expand quickly.

  9. With another chase in the other direction tonight and an officer shot and wounded. This is a little too common. Who are these people?

    • Everett kindly posted some info relative to type and price on our Facebook page. Check it out there… hit the little Facebook logo at the top of this page.

    • Lafayette just terminated another pursuit on westbound Highway 24 this morning. Lost them in Oakland/Berkeley. Other incidents at southern end of the 24/680 with one pursuit moving on into San Jose… It’s a speedy day in the Neighborhood!

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