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Water Main Break Buckles Pavement, Closes Glorietta Blvd. Monday

Photo: File

A suspected water main break buckled the pavement on Glorietta Boulevard Monday, drawing Orinda police who put in a call to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District and then closed the road.

Photo: Greg Fulcher
Photo: Greg Fulcher

Glorietta, heavily trafficked and a major thoroughfare for Orindans, was closed between Martha and Overhill road. Parents, police and school officials watched the water level for signs of encroachment on nearby Glorietta Elementary, but those fears appeared not to be realized.

It remains to be seen how the transit corridor, already impacted by the closure of Rheem Boulevard at Moraga Road after a sinkhole collapse there, will be affected.

EBMUD crews have not yet arrived on the scene and there is no estimated time for the roadway to be reopened. (9:21 a.m.).


  1. Had a fireman at my door this morning @ 8:45 to see about any electrical outlets that might be affected by the water pouring from the street into my yard. I was dumb enough to wade into the flood to open a side gate for him – didn’t think that through. No harm done, however.

    A drain downhill from my house couldn’t handle the flow, so the overflow came out of the culvert and across the road. Several hundred gallons, for sure, before the drain opened up.

    The embankment’s in pretty rough shape where the temporary waterfall was flowing, so I’ll have some landscaping in my future.

    On the plus side, the water politely turned right about 10′ from my front door and took the side yard path of least resistance. And I won’t have to water for a while.

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