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…Aaaaand Another Water Main Break – This One In Lafayette Monday Night

Photo: Denise Rue/File

Just when you think there’s light at the end of the tunnel… it actually appears to be another water main break, second of the day, at Old Tunnel and Windsor in Lafayette.

Neighbors reporting no water to homes in the immediate area.

EBMUD, whose workers have been busy today, are on the scene and giving an estimate of noon Tuesday for completion of their work.

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  1. We can’t keep kicking this water pipe can down the road. Going to have to do something about out soon. No one is going to like it, but we’re going to have to act.

  2. I have a four day supply of bottled water in my garage. Paranoid? Yes. Can you have some when we don’t have any? Only if I like you and you invited me to all your summer parties. Think about it.

  3. We’re lucky to have the water we do here. I’ve lived in some parts of the country where it was loaded with all kinds of gunk and we are just now beginning to realize what they are doing to themselves in Michigan. One thing to remember – no water, we die.

  4. Doesn’t make sense to replace pre-emptively, but DOES make sense to maintain cash reserves to address normal and predictable failures like this. Instead, I expect rate increases since they spent every nickel (on a cash basis) to fund salaries and benefits……

  5. I can’t help but imagine what the $2.4 TRILLION we spent turning Iraq into a Free Fire Zone could have done for our infrastructure issues.

  6. Simmer down, Lefties. EBMUD is not funded by Federal tax dollars. It’s a public utility funded by customers (us). They have PLENTY of cash on hand for exactly this sort of thing (hundreds of millions of reserves).

    For the record, any Federal program with the word “War” in it is probably a horrible idea (including Wars on poverty, terror and drugs).

  7. They have hundreds of millions in reserve? good. At the rate we’re going that should last us a couple of years or so.

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