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San Ramon Police Investigating Tuesday Evening Carjacking


UPDATED 3:13 p.m. Wednesday with info from San Ramon PD:

A meeting between a Contra Costa County man seeking parts for his motorcycle and a third-party supplier with the desired parts went seriously wrong in the parking lot of the San Ramon Safeway, 2505 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Tuesday evening after the “parts man” pulled and pointed a revolver at his buyer.

The supplier demanded and got his victim’s cell phone, wallet, and car – and was last seen driving off with his loot.

Investigators said none of the key players had any direct connection to San Ramon, other than it being used as a convenient meeting place for what was supposed to be an exchange of goods.

Officers were called to the area at approximately 10:50 p.m. after the shaken victim called to report his Chevy Malibu and other belongings had been taken. Police directed to a Honda Civic the holdup man reported used to drive to the meeting found it abandoned in the store parking lot and determined that it had been stolen in Alameda County.

The victim was not harmed. Police would not say if an intermediary who suggested a meeting between the buyer and purported seller was implicated in any way. Officers described the victim’s cash loss as “substantial” as he came to the meeting prepared to pay cash for the parts.


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