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Police Reports – Moraga (Senior Citizen Edition)


This week’s edition of the Moraga Crime Reports is a little heavier than normal, proof perhaps of what most of us already know: that we humans get older and sometimes end up alone and in dire circumstances.

Often, it seems, it is a police officer who comes to our rescue:

“I’ve Fallen… And You Know The Rest.”

On April 19 Moraga officers were dispatched to a residence on Villa Lane to check on an elderly resident a caller said was not receiving proper attention or care. Upon arrival they could hear the individual calling for assistance from inside the home. The officer radioed for medical support and forced open the front door, finding the 71-year-old resident on his bedroom floor, unable to stand. A survey of the residence was made and the male occupant examined by medical personnel. He was eventually transported to John Muir Medical Center for treatment.

“Wait A Minute, I Don’t Eat At Joe’s…”

Officers were called on April 20 to meet with an elderly Rimer Drive resident who told them she suspected her previous caregivers were draining several of her bank accounts, writing checks and making purchases at places she did not frequent. She estimated her losses at $100,000. Documentation was provided and investigators are looking into her claims.

Stolen Car

A car of unspecified type was reported stolen from a residence on Miramonte Drive on April 21, its owner reporting that the car had been locked and all keys accounted for. Case under investigation.

… And Again

On April 22, officers were called to a residence on Ashford Place after the homeowner called to report someone had stolen her unlocked van and rifled through the interior of a second car. Credit cards taken from a purse left inside the van were also apparently being used by the thief or thieves, the resident reported. Case under investigation.

Handicapped Zone Payback

Also on the 22nd, officers made contact with a 25-year-old woman who had parked her car in parking reserved for disabled persons outside the CVS store in Rheem. Although the car bore the required disabled placard police determined the driver was able-bodied and that the placard belonged to her mother – who does not live in the area. The driver was cited for illegally parking in a handicapped zone – and also informed her driver’s license had been suspended.

Campus Egging

Police were called to St. Mary’s College after organizers for an overnight campus event reported that during the course of the unspecified event someone had pelted the windows of their meeting place with eggs. No damage. No injuries.

Final Calls

Officers were called out on separate occasions to confirm the passing of individuals, one on Rimer Drive, the other on Country Club Drive. Always a difficult thing to do.

Theft On Donald Drive

On April 26, police took a report from a resident in the 2100 block of Donald Drive who told them someone had smashed the passenger side rear window to her locked car, parked at the curb overnight, and taken her handbag – which had been left in the back seat. Officers were able to collect physical evident left at the scene. Case under investigation.


  1. That WAS sad. Poor people. The only good part was the one were the kid got busted for using the disabled signs. Hate it when people do that.

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