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Delta Tactical Training Group, LLC

Photo: Delta Tactical Training Group, LLC
Address: 2504 Verne Roberts Cir. Ste #103, Antioch, CA 94513
Open: M-F 9 to 5
Type of Business: Firearms Training Facility
Years in Business: 5

Delta Tactical Training Group is a civilian and law enforcement firearms and defensive tactics training company located in the Northern California Bay Area. Delta Tactical was created in response to the extremely high demand for basic self-defense and survival training in the civilian and law enforcement communities. Delta Tactical works closely with all levels of experience, from the beginner shooter, to the veteran law enforcement officer. The primary goal of the Delta Tactical team is to instill the necessary physical and mental fighting skills to allow every student the chance to successfully survive a potentially lethal encounter. Delta Tactical Training Group is an N.R.A. Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Training Company, as well as a State of California, B.S.I.S. Licensed Firearms, and Baton Training Company.


  1. Danica, we off all women’s classes as well as co-ed! Basic firearms safety classes to weaponless self defense 🙂 Call the office to inquire! (925)775-4777 M-F 9AM-5PM

  2. Delta Tactical Training Group is a veteran-owned firearms and defensive tactics training organization located in Antioch, CA. Come join us for one of our popular all women’s or co-ed classes! If you would like a more personalized small group, or one-on-one training experience, we offer customized private classes as well. In addition to working with new and advanced shooters, we also offer personal safety and home defense workshops taught by law enforcement, military and certified civilian experts. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Please call us at: 925.775.4777.
    You can also visit our website at: http://www.deltatacticalgroup.net

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