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Pleasant Hill Family Gets Its Truck Back – In A Way


We did an earlier piece on a very nice Pleasant Hill family who woke up one morning last week to find the husband’s work truck had been taken by thieves.

Perhaps, we hoped, if we get the word out the Bad Guys will dump the truck and its precious load of work tools and we’ll get a happy ending on this one.

Only, it was not to be, sadly, as we heard from the family Monday after the truck was found, looted and burned out, in unincorporated Martinez:

“They took everything!” said Leila, who immediately adopted a zen-like approach to the situation. “Let’s just hope whoever did it, needed it much more than we did. Thanks again for the good energy!”

We were amazed by this family’s resilience, though the loss could only have affected the husband’s ability to get back on the job. We wish them luck and say we had hoped for a different ending to this story.


  1. A working man unable to work I’m guessing. Some methheads looking for tools to sell at the flea market and a truck they can chop for parts. And now a good family has to get back on their feet while the tweakers go out looking for another truck tonight. I know who I’m for and against in the scenario.

  2. I bet you anything that the perpetrators were already out on probation.
    I don’t understand how the California judges and so many of the public support the continual release of repeat offenders from jail. The police do a wonderful job but the criminals are most always turned back out on the streets to perform more crimes against the rest of the public. For some reason we’re more worried about the criminals comfort in jail then we are with the public safety and comfort.
    There were always three reasons to send people to jail : to both punish and rehabilitate and keep the public safe while this is going on… I wish our elected officials and judges in California would realize they have a duty to the taxpaying public too… and stop being so endlessly forgiving of the criminals and their sob stories while the rest of us are tormented by the crimes they do.
    ( and it certainly does not help the criminals reform either)

  3. I feel. Lost a car a couple of years back. They didn’t burn it out but they might as well have. Had to air that thing out for months.

  4. They sound like nice people and it’s probably way better not to get too worked up about it but I think I would be really fricking upset if someone made off with my truck and livelihood. All my vehicles live in the garage adn it has a great big lock on it! Hope the man here gets back on the job and earning soon. And I hope the people who stole from him get their justice real soon.

  5. Very odd that the truck was burned. seems inconsistent with petty thieves quickly taking what can be sold.

    • Seems consistent with practiced thieves who probably took the truck to a garage or other “safe” location, looted it, then drove it to the location where it was abandoned – dousing it in gasoline or, more likely, BBQ lighter fluid and tossing in a road flare or match in order to destroy the evidence in the cab, e.g. – fingerprints, etc.

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