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Deer Kicks Lafayette Man In Head Monday; Sends Him To Hospital


In a rare, dare we say unprecedented incident for Lamorinda, a Lafayette resident was taken to the hospital for treatment Monday after reportedly being kicked in the head by a deer.

The incident, reported at 8:11 a.m. on Marlene Drive, left locals scratching their heads.

An initial report that the person, an adult male, had also been bitten could not be immediately confirmed.

There was also conflicting information on the possible cause of such an incident, with some suggesting local deer are “fawning” and more high-strung – and possibly aggressive – than usual. It was also not known what sort of contact transpired between man and deer prior to the incident.

Attempts to reach local animal experts proved unsuccessful immediately after the incident, but we’re hoping to get additional information on how it transpired.


  1. This happened once to me in Orinda. I was holding our two year old and a mamma deer came out of nowhere and reared up and got our dog who was right next to me. She trampled our dog down to the ground, it was very frightening. Luckily no one got seriously hurt. The mamma deer ran away after the attack and there was her baby in the bushes.

    • Wow. When was this, Gail? We’ve heard of stories like this during “fawning” season, and we have heard of deer putting a hurt on Mountain Lion and other predators when cornered. Interesting tail… er, tale.

  2. I would agree there was probably a fawn nearby the man didn’t see. Moms tend to get REALLY protective during fawning season. Actually Moms tend to get really protective of their kids just about all the time!!

  3. “Don’t let the pointy ears and lolling tongue fool ya fella, inside this delicate little bod there beats the heart of a lion!!!”

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