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Morning Crash On St. Mary’s Road Darkens Neighborhoods; Clogs Feeder Routes Friday

Accident scene on St. Mary's Road, with fractured pole and overturned car, lower right. Photo: Reader submitted

An early morning crash into a power pole on St. Mary’s Road Friday triggered a series of issues that rippled through Moraga – from road closures and traffic jams to power outages.

Few of you who contacted us about it seemed happy.

This site reported the 2 a.m. crash as it happened and posted word of the road closure at Bollinger Canyon, power loss to adjacent neighborhoods and that the occupants of the car in question walked away without injury – all on our Facebook page. Flash alerts were also issued.

Those who received them in time made adjustments and were apparently able to avoid the resultant traffic jam on Moraga Road and other routes quickly clogged with commuters looking for a route around the closure.

Moraga PD sealed off the crash site after downed power lines draped themselves across St. Mary’s Road. PG&E was summoned to restore power and St. Mary’s Road remained closed at Rheem Blvd in Moraga and Rohrer Drive in Lafayette.

A man and a woman in the formally new BMW sedan were uninjured in the crash but powered through the power pole at the bottom of the “S-Curve” approaching Bollinger Canyon.

Residents in the Bluffs were able to make a right turn onto St. Mary’s, but that didn’t help many who quickly found themselves mired in traffic.


  1. ehh. do we know if drugs or alcohol were involved?

    You’ve either got to completely miss that turn coming from the St. Mary’s direction or if you do give way you’d more likely end up on the other side of the road in the ditch not the ravine.

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