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Brakes Reportedly Fail During Test Of New BART Train; Turns It Into Very Expensive Shovel


BART officials recently announced the acquisition of a new fleet of cars built to exacting modern standards and meant to replace the aging members of its fleet.

NEWS24/680 obtained a photo of one of the news cars, reportedly taken during testing early Friday afternoon, which depicts its nose buried in a mound of dirt. From the look of it the car – reportedly valued at more than $2 million – didn’t suffer too much in the way of damage.

We are told the car’s brakes failed during testing and as we can’t imagine the transit system deliberately running one of the expensive new cars into a mound of dirt we take that information at face value.

We’re seeking comment from BART in hope they can shed light on the photo and what is depicted.

But let’s hope they get that brake thing corrected quickly.


  1. At least they didn’t run into the tree that fell on San Pablo Dam road. Talk about a pain this afternoon. I was able to drive around it this morning like everyone else but for some reason they had to close the road and make it a big pain in the arse.

  2. Maybe it’s just me and I know it’s just testing but I guess I was expecting maybe a drag chute or air cushion or ginormous bouncy house instead of a dirt pile.

  3. ginormous bouncy houses proved unreliable in testing. they tend not to stay where you want them.

  4. The original Bart trains required no poles because they would be so efficient that no one would ever need to stand and grasp. Perhaps brakes were not part of this new advanced design. Maybe they just need to deliver the moving Bart platforms that will make boarding seemless.

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