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Pleasant Hill Plumber Has His Truck Stolen Tuesday – Have You Seen It?

A working guy from Pleasant Hill would like his truck back, please.

The spouse of a working man from Pleasant Hill wrote us this morning to report that her husband’s work truck was stolen from outside their apartement near Contra Costa Blvd. and Sunvalley Mall early this morning.

Obviously, this person’s living is directly tied to the truck so perhaps you’ll keep an eye out for it. You NEWS24/680 detectives have been doing so well on other cases, lately.

This is from “Leila:”

“My husband’s company truck was stolen outside of our apartment overnight or early this morning (4/19). Thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment and tools inside, not to mention the vehicle. Police are on it (we have a case) but if anyone spots a large, white Ford E350 van with RB TRAVIS PLUMBING on the side, please let us know or call 911. Thank you! Leila X (our edit to protect their privacy)”

Further Description

2014 Ford E350 – License Plate 72321T1

If you see it you may want to keep an eye on it while dropping a dime to the PD. Thanks.


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