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It’s Tax Day!


Whether it fills you with dread or a sense of Patriotic duty Tax Day, 2016 is upon us.

Getting anything back from dear old Uncle Sam? Any plans for the money? Or just making a donation?


  1. I hope they enjoy a “vacation on us.” And a new car, a little something for the kids. And 10% to the church…

  2. Well kiss this year’s tax rates goodbye for either good or bad. If the Republicans win in November, taxes will go down to stimulate the economy. If the Democrats win, taxes will go up to pay for more social programs ( that usually don’t work ). If Bernie Sanders wins, most people in this area will pay 40% federal income tax alone, plus Social Security taxes and state and local taxes. So enjoy it the way it is now maybe.

  3. @Greg: Federal rates CURRENTLY top out at 39.6%, and CA at 13.3%. The only way for Bernie to raise enough money to sustain his programs is to BROADEN the tax base by having high rates kick-in sooner– exactly the way it works in his beloved Sweden.

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