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The Crime Files – Moraga


Significant events culled from the pages of the Moraga police blotter last week:

“Well, Detective, We Know The Burglar Wasn’t A Chef…”

On March 30 officers responded to the 600 block of Moraga Road and made contact with a citizen who reported that someone had gone through his car overnight, taking jewelry, shoes, cologne and other items but leaving a 12-inch knife sharpening hone behind. The car’s owner told officers he’d left it unlocked. Loss put at $225.

“Like Oil And Water, Love And Business Don’t Mix…”

On March 31 officers counseled a woman who told them she’d entered into a business arrangement with a man with whom she was romantically involved. She told officers the man pressured her to participate in the business, which was likely fraudulent, and that he demanded money for her end of the business when their relationship soured. Officers made note of the situation.

“Never Take A Cashier’s Check On April Fools Day…”

On April 1 a woman contacted police to report that she had been contacted by a prospective client after placing an ad for her care giving on a web site and that the “client” had mailed her a cashier’s check for over the necessary funds. The business owner was wisely suspicious, as overpaying with fraudulent checks – and then demanding repayment of the overage – is a common tactic among offshore grifters.

“Gonna Need Some Body Work Here, Chief…”

On April 2 a resident in the 4000 block of Paseo Grande reported finding that two vehicles parked in front of the residence had been damaged by someone firing either a BB or pellet gun. No suspects or leads.

“We Got A Sleeper… With A History.”

At 10:53 p.m. on April 2 officers rolled up on a car parked with its motor running in the intersection at Camino Pablo and Canyon Road, officers finding a woman unconscious inside. Firefighters were summoned and with their help the drowsy driver was revived, initially providing a false name and birthdate to police who were less than thrilled and who eventually used a fingerprint reader to identify her. The reason the woman was reluctant to identify herself became clear when police found a $34,500 arrest warrant for her out of Concord – with pending charges of forgery, identity theft and drug possession. Officers ran her in… and towed the car.

“Lease Buster At Zero Early Fourteen…”

Fourteen minutes past the Witching Hour on April 3 officers were called out on a noise complaint in the 2000 block of Ascot Drive and arrived to find about 100 party guests of “college age” in full celebratory mode. Warning notices were issued, admonitions intoned, and everyone went home to study.

“Those Cammy Pants Aren’t Fooling Anyone, Buddy. We see you…”

On April 4 at 12:33 p.m. the folks at Moraga Safeway reported a black male in his 30s, wearing a dark shirt and camouflage pants, was pilfering DVDs from the store and placing them in a backpack. The suspect left the store, got into a Cadillac SUV and headed toward Orinda – where Orinda officers intercepted him. Store employees told police “that’s the guy” and he was cited for shoplifting and driving without a license and released after signing a promise to appear.





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