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Doctors Mine A Methy Burglar – Come Up With The Gold Ring

Photo: WCPD

A doctor checking out a suspected burglar who crashed his car in a pursuit after allegedly burglarizing a Walnut Creek home Thursday noticed the man appeared to be trying to hide something in his mouth.booking photo

The suspect was told to “open wide!” and that’s when the doctor realized the man appeared to have swallowed something. An X-ray showed it to be a gold wedding band reported stolen from the home the man was allegedly ransacking before he led pursuing officers on a pulse-quickening chase reported by this site as it happened.

GoldRingWith the damning X-ray in hand doctors prepped the suspected burglar, identified as Joel Steffensen, and recovered the ring – to the delight of its owner and investigators, who chalked up the moment as the first time an X-ray had compromised a suspected burglar.

Police also allegedly discovered about $5,500 worth of other jewelry in a pillowcase taken from the home in Steffensen’s car.

He remains in custody at the county jail, facing multiple counts of burglary and resisting arrest.


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