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The Interesting Things Older People Do – Add Your Tale


Deny it if you wish, but you’re getting older every day. Eventually that glorious bod you had in your 20s and 30s will start to soften and fail to perform as it has in the past, and you will look at yourself in a available mirror one day and say: “What happened to me?

You’re in a big, expanding club with lots of new members so don’t fret, there’s just so much you can do – though it can be fun trying to keep Father Time at bay.

We can’t help but notice that quite a lot of our friends and readers and family members have embraced older family members, keeping them close to home or even closer and caring for them in the Winter of Their Lives. This has made us aware of some interesting stories and observations of what it is like to care for/live with an older person – and we invite you to share any of your own you care to here.

We’ll kick it off with some personal observations of our own:

  • One day Dad will pick up the TV remote control and try to use it as a phone.
  • Dining out, you perspire and fret when Dad fixes a German-speaking person in the room with his: “That guy killed my platoon leader at Bastogne”-stare.
  • You discover the threshold at which the human ear begins to bleed when you arrive home to find your hard-of-hearing parent has cranked the television up to 132.
  • The day will come when all memory of the look of shame and opprobrium your parents gave you when you confessed to visiting a nude beach evaporates as one or the other parades past you in the all-together – without a care in the world.
  • You rush to intervene when Dad removes his belt and begins to advance on the kid running like a wild Indian around his restaurant.
  • You realize that terms like Wild Indian, Negro, and Oriental are still perfectly acceptable to your parent.
  • Your parent refers to Siri as “The Operator.” And tries to flirt with her…
  • You bite your lip, cross your fingers, and keep an industrial-strength fire extinguisher at the ready whenever your parent enters the kitchen to “make a little snack.”
  • You realize your parent is compensating for all the food they didn’t get during The Great Depression and is eating everything in sight – and that they still believe you can get a loaf of bread for under a dime, and a house for under $10,000.
  • You go to elaborate lengths to find a program your parent will not curse for being “too complicated,” “too smutty,” or “too long” – even though they nod off just after the opening credits.

Just a few observations of life with Mum and Dad. We’ve got a zillion of ’em – how about you?


  1. I had an Auntie Danielle and she was manipulative and really hard to please in her later years – I miss the hell out of her.

  2. Amidst the babbling…Lots of heritage. Lots of wisdom. Lots of cautionary tales. Lots of family history if you take the time to walk through it with a beloved white hair. They are irreplaceable family memory. You can create a pretty good family tree from available databases now, but you simply can’t put some of that family history on a DVD, not if you are recollecting honestly.

    I confess, on my last vacation, I sent postcards to a couple of friends only a few years younger than myself who teased me for it. Imagine buying and mailing a postcard from abroad. Pretty funny, I now admit. Pretty funny to realize where I am now vs where I have been.

  3. At some point in time your parent will lock you out of the house and you won’t know if it was intentional or not but you will always suspect it was.

  4. The day will come when your beautiful mother will stand in your kitchen watching you load the dishwasher and wait till you’re gone to painstakingly remove every last dish and wash it again by hand.

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