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Property Owners Actively Seeking Food Service Veteran For Old Terzetto Location

Property owners are looking for someone to take over the now-shuttered Terzetto restaurant location.

Despite some provocative localized teasing and mention of prospective new operators for the now abandoned Terzetto location in Moraga Center, the property’s owners say they are “exploring all options” in their search for a suitable replacement business.

“… the property owners (Moraga’s Bruzzone family) have spoken with a couple of select candidates but have decided that it would be prudent to explore all options,” said local real estate broker Dave Schnayer, who has been engaged to market the space, conduct tours, prequalify groups and suggest possible candidates.

“I am hoping with all of the interest from the Moraga community for a family-style restaurant, sports bar or brew pub with quality food, we can secure a great operator who will also be successful for the long term,” Schnayer said.

Schnayer ended his communication with NEWS24/680 by saying he is “open to suggestions” from locals – some of whom may want to use the comment section of this story to pitch ideas, suggestions or recommendations for a possible future operator.

Again, NEWS24/680 is lobbying hard for a Mexican restaurant, and openly admit to our bias in that direction.


  1. Any idea what rents are in there?? I have some friends in the business and they’re looking for a new location. And I would like to work for them too!!!

  2. I’m not sure Moraga would be able to sustain a rated restaurant. Everyone wants Chez Panisse in town but how likely is it to happen and how long would the people support the business. The restaurant business is unforgiving. It’s nice to dream about and we would patronize a nice place such as being suggested but I think its more a case of a prospective owner doing a market study in town and realizing the base is not there. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Not everyone wants a Chez Panisse in town. I think that kind of nouveau trendy establishment (think French pronunciation) combined with our own recent wine appellation stamp of approval would be too much to bear for some of the old timers who were castrating cattle here quite recently. Unlike the other David, I have no recommendation, except perhaps go with Old Moraga, not Trendy Moraga. I can drive to Walnut Creek or Berkeley when I need something other than huevos rancheros.

  4. Moraga is a tough place. It is remote so you won’t get anyone else but residents.The population seems very mixed with senior citizens, St Mary’s students, and people in between, without a large enough number of any single group.

    I would love a solid Mexican place.

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