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The Crime Blotter – Moraga


Here now, some of the incidents handled by the men and women of the Moraga PD this past week:

“Car Burglaries, Aisle 19…”

Police were called to the Moraga Safeway at 7:23 p.m. on March 16 after witnesses reported seeing someone burglarizing cars in the parking lot. A pursuit was initiated and the suspects were later tracked to Oakland where several of them were arrested. See our earlier story HERE.

U-Haulers Visit Safeway

MPD was called to the Moraga Safeway a little before noon the next day, March 17, after the occupants of a U-Haul van were allegedly spotted taking items from the store without paying. Local police fell in behind the U-Haul and stopped it and the goods were recovered. Our earlier story is HERE.

Trump Bumper Stickers Defaced At St. Mary’s College

A student reported to police that someone was defacing his pro-Trump bumper stickers, to the tune of $10 for each of the six stickers so marred, and that he was also being “harassed” for his political beliefs on social media. The student told officers he had no idea who was behind the political commentary but that he had reported the incidents to Campus Public Safety.

Seven IS The New Seventeen, After All

Police were called to an address on Moraga Road March 19 after a 3-year-old child was spotted running out into the roadway. Officers gathered up the toddler and eventually traced him back to a local address, where they found a 7-year-old but no adults present. The father was contacted by phone and told officers he had left the 3-year-old in the care of the 7-year-old while he retrieved a third child. The children were left with their father.


  1. Your cover girl looks like an ex. She was a good person — just misunderstood. The Trump Sticker Scratcher is kind of sad. Wonder if the kid gets invited to many parties.

  2. For a small town Moraga gets its share of stuff thats for sure. Any updates on that home invasion they had?

  3. Oooooh Aaaaaah There is a staggeringly beautiful, bright moon over Moraga tonight!
    Horoscope recommends 2 shots of Jack, sit back, make NO decisions tonight.

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