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So-Called “Bearded Bandit” Arrested After Close Shave In Brentwood

Photo: East County Today

A repeat bank robber dubbed the “Bearded Bandit” by authorities was arrested following a short chase in Brentwood Wednesday evening.

Kenneth Ellis, 30, of Stockton, is accused of stealing more than $24,000 from 11 banks throughout the Bay Area. NEWS24/680’s brother site, East County Today, was on hand for the capture.

Police said the FBI and local authorities began to close in on the suspected bank robber after a citizen reportedly spotted him in a Safeway store.

Witnesses said Ellis realized he was being followed and went to a local pharmacy, where he reportedly shaved his head and some of his beard before driving off with police following.


    • Morning, Drew… it will be coming soon but they are probably sitting on it to give them time to develop what, if any, support network he may have had (friends, family members, etc.) who may have known what was going on. There are other reasons but it will be coming out, soon, he was a pretty high-profile guy.

  1. You guys are fast becoming the VICE News of Contra Costa. Nice approach to the news and a real alternative to other “news” formats. Keep up the great work!

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