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“The Twilight Burglaries” Come To Lafayette


There are no known Vampires associated with a recent spate of burglaries committed between the twilight hours of 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. – but their victims consider the perpetrators bloodsuckers nonetheless.

“We have recently had several residential burglaries that have occurred in the early evening hours – atypical for Lafayette,” police wrote in an advisory circulated Thursday. “Our investigators believe the suspects are parked in the neighborhood, watching as residents leave their homes between the hours of 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. When they see someone leave, they enter and burglarize the home. Residents are asked to survey the neighborhood when they prepare to leave their homes.”

We also have High Noon-type daylight burglaries (no Gary Cooper lookalikes here) and The Backdoor Burglaries, which are a little more spontaneous than the Twilight version, police say.

They recommend:

“If they see a vehicle that is uncommon for the neighborhood, residents are asked to call the police (Non-emergency 284-5010). Taking a photo of the vehicle and sending it to our tip line has proven to be another successful strategy (94549tip@gmail.com).”



  1. Hated those movies. Hate burglars even more. Lamoriunda policehave had a great week lets help them catch some more of these people. And if we can convince the judges to keep them in jail a little longer that would be nice too

  2. Definitely seeing a new ball game of some sort out there. Not sure if this is an anomaly or a new normal.

  3. These days someone sitting in a car talking on a cell phone could be relaying information to anyone about just about anything. Time for people to exercise some caution and take a look around.

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