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Army Of PG&E Workers Descends On Moraga – Restoring Gas To Local Homes

Photo: Jen Schnayer

Approximately 200 PG&E utility workers arrived in Moraga Monday to help staunch a leaking underground gas line and restore gas services to locals – many of whom have been without through a chilly, rainy night.

The workers fanned out to turn off gas lines throughout Moraga and parts of Orinda prior to starting work at the now famous site of a sinkhole born during the height of our most recent rainfall.

Police and fire personnel rushed to evacuate an area 1/4 mile around the yawning hole at Autohaus Stuttgart shortly after the sidewalk gave way around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, a light standard plunging into the hole like a spear and severing the line.

What had been a interesting and non-threatening suburban curiosity quickly grew into a major incident as hundreds of people were rushed from Rheem Center by firefighters and police.

Work continues 24 hours after the break first occurred, and some homes are still without gas supply, but workers expressed confidence the area will have services restored by late in the day.

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