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Big Sinkhole Big News In Little Moraga Sunday

Photo: Greg Fulcher

UPDATE: Evacuations underway on Rheem Blvd. as sinkhole ruptures a major gas line. 6:35 p.m.

There hasn’t been this much excitement in town since Mrs. McGillicutty found Mr. M cozied up with his secretary in the bar at Rheem Bowl.

Yes, it’s really just a hole in the ground but Moraga’s latest landmark was doing a box office business Sunday as movie-goers spurned the theater to watch the show at Rheem Boulevard and Center Street – as the Great Sinkhole of ’16 gradually ate away the lion’s share of the landscaping at Autohaus Stuttgart.Sinker2

The 10-foot-deep monster appeared during the peak of our heaviest rainfall Sunday, drawing the curious and police and PG&E who expressed concern over an underground transformer and an overhead light which could topple on the unsuspecting.

Moraga PD moved in, lighting up the area with their overheads and gently sealing it off to all but the most persistent civilians who just had to have a look at… well, the hole.

No National Guard callout, yet. Stay tuned to this station, citizens.

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