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Moraga’s Terzetto Restaurant Shutters

Property owners are looking for someone to take over the now-shuttered Terzetto restaurant location.

Terzetto, a familiar meeting place for Moragans who gathered there to meet or gossip over omelettes and coffee, has shuttered after decades of business in town.

News of the closure spread quickly after word first appeared on this site’s Facebook Page Monday night. By Tuesday morning all that remained at the once bustling location was a forgotten child’s toy and the “closed” sign placed in a front window.

The restaurant’s web site remained up without mention of the closure Tuesday. Employees, some of whom had worked at the restaurant for more than 15 years, posted farewell notices on Facebook.

Owner Roos Pal was not immediately available for comment.

The few curious locals passing the restaurant Tuesday pressed their noses up against the window for a last look inside, but judging by the size of the lunch crowd at the Ranch House Cafe across the mall, Moragans have already shifted allegiances and moved on in search of breakfast.



  1. Sad…. Roos and the restaurant (we remember when she took over a decade ago) are part of Lamorinda. Will miss this place, and the staff.

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