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Moraga Crime Blotter


Let’s get down to cases, Moragans:


March 1 – 2:03 p.m., Police stopped a car on Moraga Road at Buckingham and, after talking with both the driver and passenger, it was determined that both had outstanding out-of-county warrants for their arrest. The unidentified pair were taken into custody without incident, according to police, and a search of their car reportedly turned up drugs, unspecified weapons, drug paraphernalia and evidence of possible identity theft. One of the duo was taken to county jail. The other was cited and released at the scene.

Car Theft

March 3 – Officers responded to a report of a car stolen from the 2100 block of Donald Dr. The victim told police he had parked his car on the street in front of his home prior to his departure on a two-week vacation. He discovered it missing upon his return. Police entered the car into their database as stolen but said there are no suspects or leads at this time.

Sandwich Hit and Run

March 3 – 1:06 p.m., Police were called out to Saint Mary’s College after a student reported that his car was struck by another while he was inside the vehicle, eating a sandwich between classes. The student told officers the offending party backed into his car and then drove off. A description of the offender and his car was provided and officers located a suspect off campus – the person admitting to striking the victim’s car and to leaving the scene after initial denials of culpability. The subject eventually consented to pay for any damage.

Found Property

March 4 – 1:50 p.m., Officers reported that a citizen brought a small Trek backpack containing bicycle locks and accessories as well as a set of keys to the police department, reporting that the bag had been found near the Moraga-Lafayette border. The backpack was booked into the evidence locker for safekeeping.

Recidivist Partiers

March 6 – 12:37 a.m., Police rolled to the 2000 block of Ascot Dr. in response to reports of a loud party. Officers observed said party as well as several people walking in the area and determined that the residents of the partying unit had been previously warned and cited for hosting a loud and unruly party. The residents agreed to disperse about 20 guests and were “counseled” as to possible repercussions should police have to return to their address.

Fond Of Fords

March 6 – 2:42 p.m., Police met with a person who reported that sometime between 6 p.m. March 5 and 2 p.m. March 6 someone drilled out the lock cylinder on the victim’s 2003 Ford F250 (a favorite target of thieves at the moment) and took $1,300 worth of items from the vehicle. Damage was estimated at $300. The victim said the truck was parked in a carport at the time of the theft.

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