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What Is It About The Double D That Makes People Lose Their Stuff?

Photo: Constanze Wilde

More news on the local Food Front today as the San Francisco Business Times writes about the latest possible addition to Walnut Creek’s broadening Gourmet Gulch – Dunkin’ Donuts.

That’s right, The Double Deuce, and what is it about these unassuming little creations with sprinkles on them that is making our Facebook Page jump like a live wire and causing outwardly sedate readers to lose their… stuff?

We don’t know. Never dunked at Dunkin’, but plenty of you have and liked it. One coming to the old Taco Bell on Newell in Walnut Creek, apparently, and Local Dunkers are stoked.


  1. I could go for a Dunkin’ donut right now! Haven’t had one since we lived in La Jolla. We’re like “good insurance coverage.” We eat healthy 90 percent of the time, and the other 10 percent we work off at Oakwood…

  2. Having grown up in DD Country (New England), and having consumed my fair share of their coffee, citing a lack of other options mostly, I can, with some authority, say this:

    The coffee is basically swill, especially when served in their standard-fare styrofoam vessel.
    Their “medium regular” is so doped with sugar and heavy cream, it might stop your heart.

    The donuts are pretty awesome, but skip the java if you enjoy the likes of Peets or the S-word.

    Admittedly, though, on a recent trip to Boston and with a 4 hour drive ahead of me in the middle of the night, I stopped and got a paper-cup without ‘training wheels’ (cream, sugar, etc), and it got me sufficiently caffeinated and to my destination safely.

  3. Never been a fan but if your Facebook is to be believed they are going to do a great business!! Had no idea.

  4. Yummy stuff, although I lean a bit more towards Krispy Kreme.

    It should be noted, though, that Dunkin really wants to be a coffee destination, like Starbucks, rather than a donut shop. Hence, its shift to DD marketing.

  5. Frankly I welcome to Dunkin Donuts to Walnut Creek…. I only had them once and when visiting Connecticut I was actually impressed with how good they were.
    Nothing you want to eat every day but certainly sweet treat several times a week.
    And I like their coffee too : Starbucks is way too strong and bitter

  6. There are a lot of foodies in this area and on this site apparently. Your Facebook was banging. Good comments. I personally don’t dunk but I have friends who are yes largely from the east coast and they swear by the place. Sounds like its going to be a thing for a lot of people here again.

  7. You can have your donuts you can have your beer — I just want some good Mexican food. Craving it lately and have no local place to hit. Suggestions?

  8. It’s a New England thing….. you West Coasters wouldn’t understand. All health food and gourmet coffee.

  9. Agree on Maya but I can never find parking down there. There used to be another little place in the Village but I don’t know if they are still open.

  10. Don’t know much about doughnuts because I never eat them but I”m glad people are happy about this!! As far as the Mexican food option I’m REALLY surprised no one ever mentions El Charo in Lafayette. Always seems busy so peopl emust like it no?

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