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It’s Friday – We Made It…

Friday... would you never come?

After a rough week of head colds, traffic jams, big weather and a dodgy financial climate we looked up today to find our calendar had landed on Friday – and hope loomed.

We were staggered to hear that such local retail stalwarts as Nordstroms, an admitted local favorite, had struggled with disappointing earnings along with dozens of other hopeful companies launched amid fanfare and hoopla in the past year. We looked askance at the Amazon packages stacking up at the newsroom door and couldn’t help but wonder if we’d contributed to what appears to be a growing disruption in the retail space.

All over the country, it seems, people are holding onto their money – unless they have billions, of course, and then no yacht or artwork is too pricey – as we search ourselves for evidence of leadership and direction.

Where are we headed – as a people, and a nation? No one really seems to know, and that appears to have given rise to a national swell of discontent and uncertainty, which dissipates on this day, Friday, as Americans and people in the 24/680 project as far out as they are willing in a given week – and ponder how they will spend their weekend.

That is as far out as we’re willing to go these days, apparently. And all bets are off as we throw ourselves into the party scene or tuck ourselves away from cell phones and honking horns for two days of quiet and relaxation.

We made it. The Weekend is in sight. We’ll deal with the rest later…


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