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Solicitors Not Racking Up Points With Neighbors, Police – Arrests Continue


The national scandal that is organized magazine subscription scammery continues with the return of groups of solicitors to the 24/680 and a skyrocketing number of requests for help from besieged homeowners.

Police sources inform us that a group from Detroit, Michigan is currently making the rounds in Moraga with one of the group telling officers that approximately 150 “salespeople” are being housed in a Stockton motel and working throughout the Bay Area.

Two solicitors were arrested for outstanding warrants and others told the officers that they have prior criminal convictions, including for drugs and firearms violations, from other states.

When contacted by police, members of the “Mag Crews” working the area were compliant and stopped soliciting, according to police, however they also related that two other companies also have crews currently working Lamorinda.

Police urged residents to contact them if solicitors, who do not possess a valid Town of Moraga soliciting permit, come to their door and attempt to sell goods or services. Please do not ever let strangers into your home to use the restroom or telephone. That has had terrible consequences in our are in the not-so-distant past.


  1. We know teens are involved, they are being mistreated in some cases, that they are cheating people and sometimes robbing them or worse and we KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. What’s wrong with this picture. And it has been going on for years?

  2. This needs to be stopped NOW. State attorney’s office? FBI? Do these people have really great lobbyists or what???

  3. These stories are the first I’ve heard of this. At the very least we’re looking at a form of human trafficking. What do we need to do to get the authorities to address this???

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