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Moraga Crime Beat – Small Town Shenanigans Meet Big City Lawlessness


Readers know we have a particular fondness for the Moraga PD crime logs – mainly because our small town charm often shines through the “just the facts, ma’am” writing style. So here we go:

Missed You Yesterday, Get You Today

This site wrote about a high profile incident on Moraga Road near the Moraga shopping center Feb. 10 during which a Moraga officer stopped the driver of a car reported stolen out of San Francisco and arrested her at gunpoint. The officer had spotted the car the day before but had been unable to catch up to it. When he spotted it again Wednesday he didn’t let the opportunity pass him by a second time.

“I Pay Taxes, I’ll Stand In The Street If I Wanna…”

In one of those small-towny stories we mentioned a security guard at the Moraga Country Club found himself crowded a little recently after asking two men on St. Andrews Drive if they wouldn’t mind moving out of the middle of the street. That didn’t go down as well as whatever the mendicants had been drinking and the security officer told police the pair began yelling at him, blocked in his truck, and that one of them deliberately bent the driver’s side view mirror of the guard’s security truck. Moraga PD showed up to resolve ownership of the street and were met by one man, who said the security guard had been harassing him, and a second man who exited a home in the area, declined to give his name or side of the story and, with his companion, eventually relinquished control of the street and retreated to the privacy of their residence.

“Hi, I’m Robbie, I mean… Bobbie… I Live Down The Street.”

The annual return of the bogus magazine subscription crews picked up again Feb. 15 when a resident in the area of Devin Drive and Moraga Road called police to report a person soliciting without a permit. Police checked the person out and discovered he had an outstanding felony warrant out for his arrest in Detroit, Mich. Moraga police cut short his magazine sales effort and transported him to the Main Detention Facility in Martinez.

“Hi, I’m Bobbie… No, Wait, They Arrested Bobbie… I’m Brad!”

Officers were called to the area of Crossbrook and Corliss drives later in the day Feb. 15 after receiving another call about a un-permitted magazine sales crew member in the area. A computer check of the salesman revealed an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear in San Luis Obispo county. The door-to-door marketer was released after signing a promise to appear on the warrant – and told to get a permit if he wanted to continue his sales efforts.


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