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State Park Ranger Pepper Sprays Belligerent Visitor On Mt. Diablo Sunday


Contra Costa County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the South Gate entrance of Mt. Diablo State Park Sunday after a park ranger deployed pepper spray on one of  two men refusing to leave the park after closing time.

As this site reported at the time, deputies responded after receiving reports of a ranger screaming loudly at the South Gate entrance to the park, the ranger apparently engaged in an argument with one or more men.

Park officials said a visitor was arguing with the ranger about the park’s closing time when another drove up in a car and engaged the ranger in a loud argument. It was at that point, officials say, that the ranger pulled out a canister of pepper spray and used it on the park visitor in the car.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived after the 7 p.m. incident and Valley Fire personnel treated at least one man for the effects of the spray.

The park officially closes at sunset.

Both men were reportedly released and no charges were filed at this point. The ranger was not injured.


  1. A lot of people were on the mountain this weekend. Maybe tensions go up with more humans trying to crowd into a restricted space. It defeats the purpose of getting back to nature, but I can see it happening. We got in an early ride and headed for home before the crowds showed up. Glad no one was seriously hurt but I wouldn’t want to be pepper sprayed.

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