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Power Chefs, Estate Agents, Old Pals, New Pals Join Us At NEWS24/680


In a big weekend for a lot of people here at the Nexus of the 24/680 we lost some people, heard from a lot of new members joining us for the first time – some of them chefs and Foodies whose talents we admire – saw some people profess their love for that certain someone and also caught a whiff of Pepper Spray deployed on our landmark mountain.

In there we managed to squeeze in a few hours of quality time, topped it with some late night viewing of some powerhouse TV shows, and cranked out a few stories on a day meant for rest and reflection.

Sorry about that last part. It’s hard for us to rest.

As many of you have already noted it was a tough weekend on Mt. Diablo with rescue operations mounted for a bicyclist in distress and a hiker who succumbed to an apparent cardiac event. The very force which draws people to our mountain – its remoteness – did work against rescuers who did their utmost to reach people seeking the peace and quiet many of us seek.

To cap the weekend off, there appears to have been a sizable altercation at the South Gate entrance to the park Sunday night, with a person believed to be a ranger resorting to the use of chemical dispersants to even out the odds. Valley Fire and police reinforcements responded and at least two people were hit with the Pepper Juice (imagine the hottest habanero resin in your eyes and magnify it by two) and “several people” detained.

We have calls into our favorite rangers to figure out what happened but you would hope the rangers wouldn’t feel so threatened they would have to resort to Pepper Spray in a place meant for rest and recreation.

Thinking of peppers, though, makes us think of food and thinking of food makes us think of chefs who can do wondrous things with it and several of those people joined us and even gave us Upwardly Raised Digits on our Facebook Page this weekend – one of them an old friend who made some of the best minestrone soup in Lamorinda. Nice to hear from you all, and so many realtors all of a sudden. Everything comes in waves in our Digital World.

We seem to have a robust discussion brewing about an incident on Camino Encinas which left a young man severely injured in Orinda Saturday morning – and, no, we’ve heard nothing more than what the neighborhood has been hearing and we’ve got no further official word on what happened. Another story we’re following, of many.

So, join us as we empty the bunkhouse and saddle up for another week riding the plains of the 24/680, looking for tales to tell and sign of interesting people.

Let’s ride, compadres


    • We would love for them to identify themselves and join in the discussion but we don’t “out” anyone without permission.

  1. Love to see something on short and easy recipes and stuff from local chefs. Tie it all in to the many varied natural ingredients available to us here. We’re eating at home more and more lately beacuause and it smore fun cooking together!!

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