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Losing Pals To Cupid’s Arrow, Gin Fizzes, And Other Ramblings On V-Day 2016


Checking The NEWS24/680 Mailbox For Flowery Messages From Power Paramours…

… and, nope, still off St. Valentine’s Radar for this Day of Love.

One of our Merry Band HAS succumbed to the attention and pedaling ability of a Lovely Lass from Perth and they’re off celebrating the day and their burgeoning love with a snorkeling expedition on the Great Barrier Reef.

For the rest of us it’s a day spent like any other, brunch out with pals and gal pals (sometimes it’s so much easier just being friends with a member of the opposite gender than going for The Big Swoon, you know?), maybe an extra Gin Fizz to toast another V-Day evasion of Cupid’s Arrow.

On the News Front, things are percolating, with questions lingering about a rowdy night on Camino Encinas in Orinda and the beating of a 21-year-old found there Saturday morning. We continue to lose people who have done much with their lives and who remind us that the same fate equalizes us all in the end. (Geez, bartender, ANOTHER Fizz here, please…)

Questions also remain about the fate of the nation as we sort ourselves out politically and economically (Oh, hell, just keep those Fizzes coming, my good man…) and tranquilize ourselves with the return of Face-Eating Zombies and a Big Night on HBO – waiting to see what Monday and the markets will bring.

Pragmatic to the end, we realize that no flowery words, chocolates, or the brush of lips past one’s ear will ever overcome the Big Issues before us – no matter what Hollywood and Hallmark would have us believe. If your heart is entangled with another, enjoy this day and its trappings – the pursuit of romance in life is a good thing – and try not to look askance at those of us who sit alone, fortified by Gin Fizzes and our pragmatism.


Roses are red,
violets are blue

NEWS24/680’s still here,
and so are you.

Happy Valentine’s Day (with one of those hand heart thingees).


  1. For those among us who would be less than a person under an originalist view of the Constitution, you can now stand at ease. The tide has turned.
    And to paraphrase Jesse Pinkman: Sometimes you need a criminal lawyer, and sometimes you need a CRIMINAL lawyer.
    May the Justice enjoy his stay in heaven, shooting fish in a barrel and doves flushed from cages on his private reserve, day after day.

  2. Remembered the flowers cause she grows her own. She doesn’t like chocolate so that helps with expenses. Breakfast out with friends, dinner with her and the grand surprise — which no one knows about. Its a Hallmark Day sure but who said it can’t be fun??

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