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Police Detain Man With Gun At Lafayette BART Thursday


Lafayette police detained a man in the BART parking lot off Oak Hill Rd. Thursday, reportedly finding a handgun on him at the time.

This incident, which occurred at approximately 11:20 a.m., is still very fresh and NEWS24/680 is asking additional questions of authorities. It is not known if the encounter was sparked by an earlier incident in town with the subject involved in that incident last seen heading in the direction of the BART station.

Area BART lots have been busy lately, with multiple reports of break-ins and thefts at BART parking lots.

An attempted carjacking was reported to BART police by a would-be victim who said he was approached by two suspects in the east lot of Orinda Station Wednesday night.

Watch this space for updates as additional details become available.


  1. AFAIK, it is legal to bring a gun in/around/on BART as long as you are otherwise complying with the law. No loaded concealed carry without a permit, for example. But I know of no law that would prohibit, for example, using BART to go to the shooting range (with you gun(s)).

  2. I really don’t think these guys are bringing guns to “go shooting at the range.” They have a “range in mind.” The next wealthy Lamorinda resident that they can easily rip off.

    • We wish we knew, though it feels like competing crews are battling over in Richmond. High-Risk stop in Moraga yesterday and another in Lafayette today with a gun recovered. Glad everyone came through unharmed…

  3. In keeping with BART’s budget conscious success in using fake cameras to protect us, perhaps they could outfit some scarecrows with police uniforms and strategically place them around the lots.

  4. Amazing isn’t it? Everybody knows about armed robberies and auto break-ins and the BART police can’t catch very many of them. Crime is rampant in area BART stations, with no end in sight.

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