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Instincts Guide Lafayette PD Officer; Gun Found On Suspect Stopped In BART Parking Lot Thursday

The car stopped Thursday by a Lafayette police officer. A Pacheco man was arrested for having a loaded pistol and drugs. Photo: LPD

Another Lamorinda police officer relied on his training and instinct to make an arrest and, in the process, take another gun and a quantity of drugs off the street Thursday.

Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen said one of his motorcycle officers spotted a car and the driver of that car acting suspiciously at 11:31 a.m., the operator speeding away “at a high rate of speed” at first sight of the officer, according to the chief.

The motorcycle officer turned and attempted to catch up, once again falling behind as the driver accelerated in an effort to lose police. Chief Christensen said his officer continued a search of the area and found the car and driver in the BART parking lot adjacent to Oak Hill Road – the driver continuing his efforts to get away.

Christensen said his officer called for assistance and was able to stop the car but “felt unsafe about making the approach” and ordered the driver to place his hands out the window of his car.

“The driver is taken out of the car and found to have a loaded handgun in his waistband,” Christensen told NEWS24/680. “The driver is detained and found to be in the possession of a variety of controlled substances.”

Police arrested 29-year-old Derek Bradshaw of Pacheco, booking Bradshaw at the county jail for possessing a loaded firearm and possession of a controlled substance.


  1. Good work Lafayette Police Department!
    The thought that the thug had his gun in his waistband is this concerning to me, and shows how these people are almost ready to shoot at any time even at others on the freeway in an instant. They are not these poor little, misunderstood ,misguided disadvantaged people some like to give him credit for.
    I’m going to repeat myself: I am so thankful for our police departments and the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us citizens! If it were not for them that would be a bloodbath on the streets ! Wheather you like to admit it or not, there’s a lot of thugs running around these days ready to hurt others. Our brave, hardworking police put their lives at risk every single day on our behalf. Thank you. Thank you.
    Cops are my heroes!

  2. Great job Lafayette PD! Times are changing, and not for the better. I think there’s always been a lot of criminals running around. What’s changed is 24/7/365 exposure. It’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but we need to know so we can protect ourselves.

  3. If I had a nickel for every time I walked up on someone and that little voice in the back of my head said not so fast not so fast, check under the shirt…. you either have it or you don’t and I’m really glad this officer listened to the voice today. Nice work. Gun off the street, bad guy in the pokey and he gets to go home to the wife and kids.

  4. Incredible. So very lucky to have brave people out there to help protect us every day. So glad no one was hurt today.

  5. Good get for the cops. I’m sure society is better off with this guy off the streets. That said, the story once again underscores the concept that the War of Drugs is related to a shockingly high percentage of crimes– people who would not otherwise be dangerous to third parties. Making drugs legal has its negative consequences, but I can’t imaging that those would outweigh the good consequences.

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