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The Faithful – Including An Intrepid NEWS24/680 Correspondent – Turn Out For A Taste Of Pliny The Younger

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than... early? Nicole and Joey.

NEWS24/680 Beer Correspondent (we just created the position) Dave Loomis travelled to Santa Rosa and the Russian River Brewery Friday to talk with the faithful who flew in from all over the country to sample what many say is the best beer of its kind.

A cult favorite among beer lovers, the beer has been released on the first Friday in February, for just two weeks, for the past 12 years. The brewery releases a limited amount of the ultra-fresh, super hoppy and high-in-alcohol (10.25%) triple IPA and, as Dave found out, the lines were long and appreciative.

Joey and Nicole flew north to sample Pliny in a impromptu Valentine’s Day celebration. And then there was Scott Fortson from Georgia.

Some folks just really appreciate good beer…




  1. Wow. They flew in from Georgia for a beer opening. That is an entirely different culture than I live in. And probably a better culture since in my best fantasies I think about stopping at BevMo to get some Dos Equis on the way home. And I may not even be able to pull that off. Great story.

  2. A happy day in Beerland! Pretty good. Not a fan myself but I hear people talking in reverent whispers about this beer all the time. Guess I’m just not cut our for the suds.

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