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Youths Abandon Wrecked Car On Highway 680; Detained After Fleeing Into San Ramon Neighborhood

Three youths taken into custody after brief chase in San Ramon Thursday. Photo: Nick Vezmar

Police are investigating any apparent link between the crash of an auto on southbound Interstate 680 Thursday and reports of three youths carrying Nordstrom bags believed to have fled the crash and slipped into surrounding neighborhoods.

For the third day in a row, but for an entirely different reason, a police helicopter and canine team worked the area of 400 Santander Road after the three youths, described as males in their late teens to early 20s, filtered into the neighborhood after reports of an accident on the freeway.

Three youths contacted by police as they sat in the bleachers of Bollinger Canyon Elementary School are believed to be the three youths involved in the crash and chase and were detained as this is written (5:13 p.m.).

Officers said the trio were released to a guardian at the scene after the California Highway Patrol determined no crime had taken place. It was not known why the three ran from the scene of the crash.


  1. In the fifties , the bad guys did not act out as boldly as now. .. and there’s a lot more of them nowadays, and with the liberal laws and judges , they can get away with many things now and not even go to jail .

  2. If no crime was committed, my guess would be they were high on drugs. Wait until the drugs wear off, and then deal with the police.

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