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Moraga Crime Reports: Small Town Crime With A Touch Of Quirky…


We’re not sure why it is but NEWS24/680 gets regular requests for the Moraga Crime Logs from readers as they appear to be a favorite of people who favor small town news – we guess – with just a pinch of quirky for flavoring.

The good men and women of the MPD report their cases a little differently than they do in neighboring jurisdictions and, frankly, it can be fun to dissect the “just the facts ma’am” tone for some old fashioned cop humor.

Here are just a few of the more noteworthy cases handled by Moraga’s finest last week:

BART Station Footrace

Moraga officers found out why they’re made to run all those wind sprints at the Police Academy the evening of Jan. 19 when, called on to support Orinda police in a search for two suspected thieves, they found themselves in a foot race at Orinda BART. We filed a short story at the time after the male half of a pair suspected of cruising the area in search of a home to burgle challenged officers to a foot race. He lost. The male and female suspects were booked into the Main Detention Facility in Martinez on a variety of charges.

Hardie Drive Buzzkill

A couple of local men looking for a place to puff the pensive pipe of peace ran into the local Neighborhood Watch on Hardie Drive the afternoon of Jan. 20, with the gendarmerie summoned by watchful residents. The upshot: Hardie Drive is not a good place to park and puff. Illegal stuff confiscated and the men were cited and released.

Ascot Drive Warms Up

Officers responded to a report of vandalism on Ascot Drive the evening of Jan. 20, finding the caller and learning that a “college age” male had used his fists to damage a fence and then challenged the caller to a fight when asked to explain himself. Officers sleuthed out the suspect’s name and had a talk with him after the Chivas Mist had cleared the following day. He admitted he’d been imbibing and unduly feisty and agreed to repair the fence, which soothed the property owner sufficiently to make the police complaint go away.

Too En Fuego

Mentioned only because it happens a lot and police are frequently called on to assess and help people experiencing psychic breaks, officers were called out to assist a person in town who phoned to report that they were on fire. Officers realized the person was in trouble and had them transported to the county’s regional mental health center for evaluation. A week prior, officers were called on to help an individual who was attempting to drown herself in a local creek.

Return To Ascot

Officers returned to the 2000 block of Ascot Drive on Jan. 24 in answer to complaints of excessive noise from a party in the area. Police found a good size party chunking right along at 1:16 a.m. and asked about 25 celebrants to leave, issuing the usual admonitions to the tenants before seeing themselves out.

Family Fight

A family argument in the 100 block of Cypress Point Way at 12:17 p.m. on Jan. 25 grew heated and drew police attention, officers arriving to find a family member being physically restrained in the front yard of the residence. Officers took the 26-year-old man into custody after it was determined he had threatened another family member with a rock. He was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for attempted Assault with a Deadly Weapon. There were no injuries.


  1. A lot of people are just barely hanging on mentally. It’s a shame that police officer’s are the ones who have to determine if they need help or not. It must be a very tough part of the job to handle.

  2. Life can be a pressure cooker at times. And often we humans get overbaked. I hope the people in need of assistance were able to get it.

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