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Walnut Creek Police Arrest Two For Alleged Car Burglary Friday


A NEWS24/680 reader noted a commotion near the downtown Walnut Creek Safeway store Friday and snapped off a photo – capturing Walnut Creek police as they were capturing two suspected car burglars.

Police say they received a call from citizens about mid-afternoon Friday after two men were spotted tampering with a car in the area.

Responding officers, seen here in a picture made by a passersby and forwarded to us, swarmed into the area and arrested both men for suspicion of auto burglary and parole violation.


  1. It’s scary how crime seems to be really increasing in Walnut Creek. I think a lot of these thuggs come off at Bart from other areas and take the free Walnut Creek shuttle into town to commit their crimes.
    I hope it can be kept in check or else the city will lose its luster as an attractive shopping, dining & entertainment Center.
    I know personally, that theres been times in the last year when we have felt somewhat uncomfortable in Walnut Creek because of some surrounding circumstances.
    I just hope the city keeps the police well funded and active to stop any trend before it gets too bad.

  2. I agree that these guys come from other areas, but I really can’t see them on the free Walnut Creek shuttle. It comes every 15 minutes, and stops at every other block in Walnut Creek. These guys want a QUICK GETAWAY, not a slow as molasses trolley. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in Walnut Creek, but crime is increasing. What’s increasing more than anything is your intolerance as you age. People wise up through the years, and tolerance decreases.

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