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Sunday Reverie: Breakfast Over The Digital Newspaper


Our News Alerts pinged through the night as Alaska and New York both got reminders that Ma Nature was still in charge and the 24/680 slowly tucked itself in after a night of mauling, brawling, and beer.

NEWS24/680 gets a lot of tips about local happenings – both good and bad – and we seem to get quite a lot of “I hear sirens, what’s going on?” inquiries. There have been a lot of those lately.

Some Good Samaritans reached out to describe an awful night on I-680 on Friday, a Moragan penned an achingly funny screed about what it was like to almost be run down in the Safeway parking lot by an SUV with one of those “Coexist” bumper stickers, and others asked why we don’t assign a writer to cover their kid’s soccer games on a full-time basis.

We’re grateful for the contact, as always, and while we’re rapidly hiring more staffers so that we might better cover your child’s Middle School soccer exploits, sometimes there just aren’t enough of us to go around.

Sundays are always a big thing around here. A chance to wind down from the week’s events and catch our breath. The Weekend Man cranks off a couple of miles on his bike to help soothe his jangled nerves while we build The Breakfast Your Doctor Warns You About, add a daub of butter on the sourdough just ’cause we can, and linger over the Internet of News with a latte topped by a squiggly pine tree just like you get down at the coffee shop.

Bliss. For a while at least the News Alerts are silent as the crooks are all tucked away in county or in their own beds for the night and those making the Walk/Drive of Shame creep into their homes, holding their heads and vowing “I’ll never do that again.” Yeah, sure… just wait until next weekend.

Unlike the days of yore when readers submitting a letter or missive to this daily blat of ours could expect a response in days we’re now able to respond instantly, and that has been fun lately, leading to several far-reaching conversations with readers who seem to like and appreciate what we’re doing and the fact that there’s someone on the other end of the line.

The sun is coming up this Sunday and the message alerts are starting to ping again as everyone, bad guys and good, arise to begin their day.

Not surprisingly, the first one of the day begins: “I heard sirens last night, what was going on?

And so another day on the Digital Newspaper begins. And we hold onto our coffee cup a little while longer, hanging onto the moment as long as we can, prepared for what another day will bring…


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