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Earthly Music We Should Be Beaming To New Planets


All the recent developments within our little Solar System set us to thinking this week as we pondered the loss of Pluto from our heavenly playground, the discovery of a replacement Planet “X,” and other astronomic alignments and findings that have earthbound scientists in a froth.


Knowing several earthbound Captain Kirks who would gladly let slip the surly bonds of Earth for a chance at unfettered space exploration we felt the need to come up with an appropriate soundtrack for we humans as we leave a cluttered Terra Firma behind and strike off in search of Matt Damon. 

There were the obvious choices but then this little number came to mind and we thought it representative of our species – a trifle ditzy but good dancers when we find the beat.


  1. A little mood music…perfect!
    If planet X is 10 Earths in size, what is it hiding behind, I wonder?

  2. If the alien life forms are looking for evidence of intelligent life on earth it would be cool to send this out there to them. We’d be screwed if they got their crabby little hands on that Sarah Palin endorsement vid.

  3. Sorry this blog took a political turn…..
    To answer the question, I think we should beam classical music to outer space…. to show class, grace and peace.
    Do not send rap ot rock music unless we want galactic war!

  4. Played it twice and danced to it with the kids. Son wants beeper thing. I said we’d think about it but it isn’t happeniung.

  5. So bored at work right now. Listened to this on the lunch break and it kept me going for another couple of hours.

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