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“Suspicious Vehicle” Call Leads To Arrest By Orinda, Moraga PD Tuesday


Nervous neighbors notified police of a suspicious car with occupants going door-to-door asking for money late Tuesday night and, after Orinda and Moraga officers finally chased down the couple at the Orinda BART station, it turned out one was a wanted woman.

As first reported on our Facebook page Tuesday evening, phone lines started to heat up after a white Oldsmobile was spotted cruising neighborhoods in Orinda, with one caller saying the car was stopped at Muth and Wanda with the occupants “making it look like they were having car trouble.”

Other calls from equally suspicious neighbors brought officers from Orinda and Moraga on the run, with Moraga officers spotting the male half of the pair in the parking lot at Orinda BART and detaining that person after a brief foot chase.

Officers also eventually located Kimberly Wortham, 43, and took her into custody when it was discovered she had an outstanding $280,000 arrest warrant for burglary issued by Oakland police.


Orinda Police Chief Mark Nagel praised the citizens who first alerted police: “We believe this arrest prevented a residential burglary,” he said Wednesday. “Thank you to alert residents who alerted the police to suspicious activity.”


  1. Thank you alert residence for doing a good job reporting this suspicious activity to the police! See as we’ve been staying in this post please report anything suspicious and don’t worry about being too PC but let the police decide! Its scary that all these foods are all around cruising our neighborhoods every day now. Good work reporting…. thank you

  2. Apparently she has done this before, was arrested, and did not see the deterrent in that. How do you stop people like this? They are too stupid to stop and appear motivated by the quick dollar or thrill of running from police more fit than they. It is hard to understand but they appear here to stay. And o yes, nice job by the police. It sounds like they saved someone from a serious loss.

  3. Yesterday afternoon, I did see an unfamiliar car passing through our Orchard Rd. neighborhood at a good clip; it was a mid 90’s white Oldsmobile Cutless Ciera. I recall thinking, “ugh – what were the automakers thinking in the 80’s and 90’s…”

    I wonder if these were the malefactors? Good work, citizens and police!

  4. How do you stop them Carol? By sentencing them to serious prison time. Not probation and no jail time. These people are druggies and career thieves who will be back if the light punishment is no deterrent. I have been around long enough to see the pattern.

  5. Neighbors freaking out about suspicious cars in the neighborhood. It’s good everyone is being vigilant.

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