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Burglars Ransack Springhill Road Home Sunday; Second Theft Of The Weekend

Photo: LPD

A Springhill Road home was burglarized over the weekend, according to Lafayette police, the second of two homes hit over the weekend and similar in method to its predecessor.

Investigators said both crimes were committed in relatively remote residential areas near the end of a road or route. Both homes were thoroughly ransacked with the thieves expressing a particular interest in electronics.

While the precise time of the latest crime is not known, police say it is likely both crimes occurred in the late afternoon between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Both homes were entered through unlocked doors.

Officers say the latest crime was reported Sunday at 6:20 p.m.in the 3500 Block of Springhill Road. The homeowner told police hey had left the home for a short trip and when they returned, they found their home had been burglarized. Officers checked the interior of the home and found the home had been thoroughly searched by the unknown suspect(s).

Investigation determined that the resident had left the home at 4 p.m., leaving the side door to the garage unlocked. The suspect(s) used this door to gain access to the garage and then used the access door to gain entry to the home. Police said the alarm system for the home had also not been activated. When the resident returned two hours later, they found the side gate to the rear yard open and the side garage door ajar.

Several computers and a cell phone were taken.


  1. Doors unlocked. Alarm not set.

    Look. As they say, it’s fine to put your trust in God. But, row away from the rocks, ok?

  2. I do not understand the economics of stealing a computer. Most computers would have a password and the people doing this are not exactly NSA types, so I don’t think the hard drive would work. Wouldn’t they have to buy another hard drive for maybe 75 dollars and then buy software. A new laptop can be got for 200. I just don’t see there is enough of a margin for such theft to be worth it.

  3. Sorry and I totally get the temptation to leave a side door unlocked for the kids coming home from practice or whatever as you make a short trip BUT there are people here probing for weakness and we are proving to be very weak and tempting targets.

  4. they are watching us as reported in the earlier story. it doesn’t take long for them to get in – also showin in the earlier story. and they are here for certain things. the men in our neighborhood are talking about this after some cars were broken into – and they don’t seem willing to give anyone they catch doing this a break. something to consider if you come to our neighborhood!!!!!

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