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Rainfall No Deterrent For Orinda Burglar Tuesday


Orinda residents received a rude awakening Tuesday when a man in a reflective work vest allegedly smashed a rear window of their home in an apparent effort to gain entry to the home.

Residents inside were startled by the attempt but unharmed. If confirmed, Tuesday’s attempt would be the latest in a string of daylight (and now rainy-day) burglaries in the area.

This one was reported in the 1500 block of Stanton Ave.

Suspect Description

  • White male, 20s to early 30s, 6’3″ inches tall, wearing a reflective work vest and dark pants.


  1. I’m going to say it again: passage of proposition 47 , which makes strealing anything worth up to $949, a misdemeanor-
    is the reason for the crime surge! The criminals know this.. and know they will probably never go to jail for it now. Numerous cops have told me this and how frustrated they are with it…. we good citizens need to be super vigilant now to protect ourselves.. please report anything suspicious to the cops anything and let them check it out.

  2. Greg, I understand your point. I voted NO ON 47 too. But like another poster explained to you on another thread, Prop 47 doesn’t apply to residential burglary. Only certain commercial burglaries (if I’m remembering correctly). And like I’ve said before, criminals don’t care about the consequences. If they cared about the consequences, they wouldn’t commit crimes. Criminals don’t care about the law… the laws don’t apply to them. You’re thinking like a law abiding citizen. We’re the only ones who care…

  3. Isn’t first-degree burglary still a felony offense regardless of whether or not anything was taken and its value?

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