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“Good Morning, We’ll Be Your Commute Concierge This Morning…”


BART – A mess with long delays and people fainting aboard standing trains.

ORINDA/9 a.m. – Three-car crash on eastbound Highway 24 at Camino Pablo. Extrication needed. At least one car running into the crash. Traffic backed up to Highway 13 and a SIG Alert in place.

MORAGA/8:20 a.m. – Cones on Campo at Moraga Rd where a tree is threatening to fall. (Thanks, Jay, for the tip!)

LAFAYETTE/7:50 a.m.– Three cars tangle on westbound Highway 24 east of Happy Valley Road. Traffic stacking.

ALAMO/7:50 a.m. – Honda blocking portion of northbound I-680 south of Livorna.

CANYON/MORAGA: Folks hoping to sneak the back way out of Moraga this morning encountered a great big, soggy tree down across the roadway at Canyon and Pinehurst and now (7:22 a.m.) there are a bunch of emergency vehicles on the scene to try and get things moving again.



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