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Suspect In Danville-San Ramon “Stalking” Cases Detained In Lafayette


A man several women in Danville-San Ramon have said has followed them and acted inappropriately on several occasions this past week has just (11:27 a.m. Thursday) been detained in Lafayette after allegedly following a woman in the downtown area.

The suspect, believed to be from San Ramon, has been described as “tenaciously” following several area women on several occasions this past week. His detention by Lafayette officers came just hours after another occurrence was reported in Danville earlier in the morning.

Police detained the man, whose name is being withheld until further investigation can be undertaken, near the Lafayette Bank of America branch.

Officers said a woman called police to report that she was being followed by a guy who approached her at a Starbucks in Danville. She told police she went in for a coffee when the suspect, believed to be from San Ramon, sat down with her and attempted to make small talk.

Police said the man then followed her out to the parking lot and began to follow her in his car.

“She tried to lose the guy and eventually went to some side streets in Lafayette, where the guy still followed her,” an officer said. “She then called for help.”

When stopped by police in downtown Lafayette, officers said the man denied following the woman. Officers learned he had been reported as having done this to another woman in Danville earlier in the morning and has had prior contacts in San Ramon, as well.

Police said the man, whose name was not given, was committed for a mental health evaluation.

The woman did exactly what we want someone to do when they are being followed,” Police Chief Eric Christensen said. “Call the police, tell us where you are, and drive toward the police department.  We were able to get him stopped and her contacted in a safe way – the woman did terrific and this guy needed some help.”


  1. Hope he gets the psychiatric help he needs. If he gets out and does it again I think he’s going to get a butt whooping.

  2. Half the valley knows who this man is now. He would be wise to leave the area. I was cheered to see so many people sharing information in this way. it helped identify the problem and bring it to resolution.

  3. It is not nice to be harassed by a man at any time and to be persistently followed and approach or worse would be frightening. I am hoping this is the last we hear of this.

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