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School Officials, Moraga PD Say No Burglary At Campolindo High – Student Briefly Locked In Room

Moraga PD at Campolindo High after teen found trapped in area burglarized overnight. Photo: Eli Kirmayer

Moraga police and Moraga-Orinda Fire District firefighters visited Campolindo High School Thursday morning after a school official investigating a possible break-in of a room adjacent to the school’s Main Gym reportedly found a teen locked inside Thursday morning.

Firefighters worked to free the teen and police determined no crime had been committed, saying the student had merely been locked briefly inside a room with a damaged lock.


  1. That is a very strange story from several angles. Since Campo kids are smart and responsible and would not burglarize their own school, perhaps some Miramonte students were pulling a prank and intentionally duct tapped one of their freshmen to the ceiling of the maintanence room. Of course, I am just doing a lot of reading between the lines and making logical assumptions.

    • Logical assumptions are good. Initial perceptions discounted after it was determined the student was only briefly locked inside the room because the lock was faulty…

  2. Well, there’s a clue.
    Reminds me of a scene from the movie Snatch where the burglars are trapped at the scene because it never occurs to them that the door might open inward.

    • No crime, no harm, no foul. Student briefly locked inside room with damaged lock. Initial perceptions put to rest…

  3. If the lock is broken, time to change the locks. The order of the posts make sense to me. The response from News 24/680 is posted under the response of whomever he’s responding to. That’s the way responses work…

  4. @Danielle, “The response from News 24/680 is posted under the response of whomever he’s responding to. That’s the way responses work…”

    If so, then this must happen all the time…Can you cite one other case in the last 3 years when posts have occurred out of sequence? I have been here. I don’t recall seeing that.
    Btw, I prefix my post with @Danielle because my response is NOT linked in any other way to your post.

  5. David… since you’re addressing me, I’ll answer your question. It has happened to me a few times. The last time it happened (I won’t forward the link…you can look it up) was a road rage incident in Orinda. The article is dated 12/15/2015, and the conversation is on 12/16/2015, between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The conversation was referring to a lady who’s husband was involved in the road rage. News 24/680 responded to me, and the time (as you will see) is out of order so the response (to me) makes sense. I don’t know if it happens all the time, but I notice it, especially if he’s responding to me. The is very easy to understand. David, if you missed it, it’s probably because it didn’t apply to you, and you didn’t care. This situation applies to you, and you noticed. I hope this helps, and if not, I tried. Have a blessed evening…

  6. @Danielle, I stand corrected. However, I must confess that I do not understand or agree with the rationale for this method of interspersing of posts out of the order of response.

    Nevertheless, my primary grievance stems from the periodic spurting of multiple responses at irregular intervals to a posted story. A burst of 2 hours of embargoed posts at once implies a possible conversation. It implies that those who posted at 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 70 minutes into the embargoed time period had knowledge of prior posts which is not the case. The current policy discourages coherent conversation, and muddles or moon-walks it at best.
    That was what prompted my observation of the out-of-sequence posts in the first place. The fact that they are not all that unusual bemuses me all the more.

    My comment on being locked in at Campo HS can be made cryptic or incomprehensible by a comment inserted above it at any time by the editors, just as it can be by a story update which does not indicate that it is an updated story…
    It’s not world-changing, but is that really the best they can do?

  7. For Danielle and David:
    Good morning! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, our readers are sharp and always questioning and that’s a good thing. We do listen to what you have to say. And, yes, as Danielle points out, sometimes we do respond. We like the exchange. And we like that you talk with one another, THAT’S the intended purpose of this site. We’ll admit that while an exacting examination of the time-stamping mechanism on our comment stream may be fun, sometimes a duck is just a duck and a response is just a response. We see words like embargo and cryptic and moon-walking and we’ll admit – our brow crinkles and we utter an editorial “whaa?” There is a mechanism in place for posting comments and we think it is pretty straightforward but, as with anything in the Internet of Things, subtle nuances may be lost and gremlins may take flight. We’re just not seeing anything deserving of attention by a small staff committed to putting LOTS of news up here and better serving a demanding and deserving readership. So, Danielle, THANK YOU for carrying our guidon a little and, David, THANK YOU for caring enough to inquire.

  8. I like that News 24/680 is very engaging. I feel like we’re writing “to someone” not “at them.” On any blog or news site, you will have people talking to each other, and unfortunately, sometimes fighting. It’s very rare that the editor takes the time to “engage” with his readers, and I think it’s AWESOME! He cares about our community, and cares what we have to say. As far as responding under someone’s response (out of time sequence), I would do the same. I don’t think time matters, but letting someone know you’re responding to them does. But that’s just me! Enjoy the holiday!

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