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Walnut Creek’s Pyramid Topples; Downtown Alehouse Closes Its Doors

The popular downtown alehouse has closed its doors for good.

Pyramid Alehouse, a one-time favorite of the downtown Walnut Creek party set and local beer-fanciers alike, has gone the way of the pharaohs and shuttered its last California location.

Closure of the 1410 Locust Street location comes on the heels of preceding closures of Pyramid locations in Berkeley and Sacramento. Employees learned of the closure this week and news has been spreading fast across social media.

“A few years ago Pyramid was the best place to go for beer in WC, last year it wasn’t in the top 10,” said NEWS24/680 reader Steve Biggs.

Biggs and others demonstrated the generally demanding nature of the marketplace, with Pyramid under pressure from craft beer offerings at other local bars and restaurants.

About 40 employees will lose their jobs, and there was no immediate word on who may be in line to take over the prime Locust Street location.


  1. Haven’t been in years. The food delivery was having problems and there was never a real reason to make a special trip into Walnut Creek.

  2. The Mrs. and I have been trying to remember what the heck 1410 Locust was before Pyramid.
    Definitely another beer place, but what the heck was it called?

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