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Steal Me! Please! 24/680 Residents Spot More Easy Pickings For Local Thieves

Candy to a car burglar. Photo: Anonymous

Residents of the 24/680 Corridor don’t need to be told that we’ve been hit hard lately by car burglars perfectly willing to smash a window for an unattended iPhone or antique Fender Strat.

Some locals remain amazed by the accessibility of those and other items as locals, apparently quite comfortable with their surroundings, continue to leave all sorts of desirable goods – often in plain sight.

We received this note and the accompanying photo on the NEWS24/680 Tip Line just this morning:

Message Body:
Spotted just outside the Orinda Post Office this morning — new Mercedes, doors unlocked, with (camouflaged) bag / iPhone sitting on the front seat.

Catnip to a car burglar.

Perhaps this will provide the nagging thought that saves you a purse or computer!


  1. People like this don’t have any common sense. Nothing you say (or do) will change their mindset. I can’t help but wonder if some people do it for attention. A picture was taken. It was posted to a local news site. Hmm…

  2. Agree with Danielle. You cant shame people into changing their habits. As long as they don’t whine about getting their stuff stolen I’m good with this — as long as they meth head who breaks into their car (or just opens the door apparently) doesn’t decide to do my car too.

  3. Totally agree that you can’t change poeple who don’t want to be changed and who can afford to leave and lose their shit from time to time but the point is that if you leave your electronics and purses and other good stuff laying around they’re going to keep coming here and doing what they do. I don’t keep ANYTHING in my car and they still broke in.

  4. Just can’t imagine leaving those things unattended. But there’s no one they can blame but themselves if they lose it.

  5. People are going to do it. People here have money and don’t care if they lose a little of it occasionally.

  6. People without money do it too. It’s lack of common sense, and it cuts across all communities. We’re all affected by it because it will attract thieves.

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